Tuesday, 9 May 2023


This cover from Portugal depicts a miniature sheet issued in 1997 celebrating the Cultural Landscape of Sintra. Sintra is a town and municipality in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal, located on the Portuguese Riviera. The municipality of Sintra has several historic palaces, castles, scenic beaches, parks and gardens. The area includes the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park through which the Sintra Mountains run. The historic center of the Vila de Sintra is famous for its 19th-century Romanticist architecture, historic estates and villas, gardens, and royal palaces and castles, which resulted in the classification of the town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1995). Sintra's landmarks include the medieval Castle of the Moors, the romanticist Pena National Palace and the Portuguese Renaissance Sintra National Palace.