Sunday, 12 March 2023


This cover from Serbia depicts 2 different stamps, both celebrating Unesco World Heritage Sites: the Tikal National Park (Guatemala) and Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, in Serbia. Tikal National Park is a national park located in Guatemala, in the northern region of the Petén Department. Stretching across 57,600 hectares, it contains the ancient Mayan city of Tikal and the surrounding tropical forests, savannas, and wetlands. In 1979, Tikal National Park was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, because of the outstanding Mesoamerican ruins at Tikal and the unique ecology of the surrounding landscape. Gamzigrad is an archaeological site, spa resort and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serbia sice 2007, located south of the Danube river, in the city of Zaječar. It is the location of the ancient Roman complex of palaces and temples Felix Romuliana, built by Emperor Galerius in Dacia Ripensis.